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Mashatu - Photographic Experience


Tuli Block / Botswana



C4 Images has pioneered the concept for photography in southern Africa, of an exclusive concession to provide dedicated photographic hides within Mashatu Game Reserve.
Guests can sit quietly and watch animals moving directly towards them, all the while taking pictures from unique angles, resulting in exclusive and exceptional quality photography.
Mashatu Game Reserve has become one of the most popular wildlife photography destinations in Africa over the last few years. Its popularity is a result of the photographic products that it offers as well as the excellent wildlife sightings that are viewed daily on the reserve.
Being an unfenced reserve the feeling of wilderness is immediate yet it is the openness of the terrain coupled with the relaxed animals that make it such an excellent photo destination. Whereas many other reserves have long grass and thick bush, Mashatu often has lions and leopard sightings in clear openings. This makes for wonderful photography of the subjects.
One of the biggest highlights at Mashatu is the relaxed elephant population. Having a breeding herd come right up to your vehicle and surround you completely is quite an amazing sensation.
The combination of large cat sightings, the most relaxed elephant population in Africa and the large number of bird life makes Mashatu the destination with the highest ‘hit rate’ for wildlife photographers in Africa.
What are photographic hides?
Photographic hides are structures built to maximise the photographic potential of the animal subjects that visit them. These hides can be used to view wildlife in the normal manner, but have been positioned with consideration of the angle of the sun, the background, and the angle the viewer occupies in relation to the animals and birds. A professional wildlife photographer will accompany participants to the hides. They are close at hand to tutor aspiring and experienced photographers in camerawork techniques which will enhance the quality of their images.

Why photographic hides on Mashatu Game Reserve?
· Mashatu is a semi-arid area. This means animals are attracted to water in the dry season (June – October), making it an excellent location to allow animals to come to you.
· Drying pools in the rivers attract flocks of storks and herons late in the rainy season (February – May), where the semi-permanent hides will be in use.
· Excellent elephant sightings at the elephant hides and out in the reserve.
· Excellent birdlife for the bird photographers.
· Open landscape that makes for easy photographing of wildlife.
· Relaxed plains animals
· Excellent and varied birdlife with many good perches in certain areas-making good bird photography very possible
· Excellent leopard sightings and photo opportunities
· Good lion and other predators
· Open landscape makes for very easy photography with no distracting grass or thick bush
· Dry riverbeds frame subjects well
· Drying pools create fish traps attracting flocks of heron, storks, etc.
· Wilderness area relatively close to the major cities
· Good night skies and night photography

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